Cotton Barn, Sea Island

I have always been fascinated by abandoned things- especially old buildings. Not only do I like to photograph abandoned things, I like to explore the reasons for the abandonment and wonder the why of the story. There is always a story the abandoned thing or place has to tell, but there is usually no one to tell it. As a begin this blog, I am going to start a with a few pictures that I have of abandoned places that are still maintained as historical sites. Along the way on this blog journey, I hope to uncover some interesting people, places and things along with the facts as to why they became abandoned.

The Sea Island Golf Club was formerly the corn barn of Retreat Plantation. Nearby had stood a four story cotton barn, built in 1842. It had the most modern gins of the day. In the ten years between the old lighthouse being destroyed and the present one being constructed, sailors used this cotton barn as a landmark. The remains are pictured here in this photo I took in October 2015 while volunteering for the RSM Golf Classic.

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