I truly loved Clyde- I was his Bonnie and we had many exciting adventures. The kids can tell you that there was no place that Clyde could not go. We had some great times and wonderful memories and my fave was a trip to the keys. One year, the kids and I loaded up Clyde took the last $500 in the bank and headed to the 1 mile marker on Key West! It took two days to get there and we had no formal reservations for any camp sites, so it was a true adventure by every stretch. Through raccoons and rocky tent sites, beautiful  sunsets and awesome snorkeling, Clyde provided us with safe travels. I loved that car and the memories he carried in the hatch back.

I crashed poor Clyde on a dark rainy night in Cumming, GA while traveling to see my Dad after a hectic day of business. The woman in front of me slammed on her brakes and when I hit mine, Clyde slid under her rear end. He would have been happy to go that way too. He protected me from harm until the bitter end as I suffered no injuries and he was totaled.

Clyde was just abandoned there at Renegade Towing in Cumming, Ga and it literally took me almost 4 months to find a replacement vehicle. I wonder what happened to Clyde after he was abandoned- probably dismantled and sold off for parts. Sorry Clyde, sorry I had to abandon such a great ride.











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